In June and July 2020, NAGDCA conducted an online survey of state and local government members to gain insight into participant engagement strategies and initiatives of public sector defined contribution plans. The survey findings are detailed in a newly released survey report.

The purpose of the 2020 Participant Engagement and Communications Survey Report is to help NAGDCA members learn from their peers and distill the critical elements of the many effective approaches being used to communicate with public employees. We aim to expose common themes that can lead public plan administrators to create a more effective communication program and to improve their current results. With a global pandemic that continues to change the way we all do business, we offer this publication as a starting point for our members to think, adapt, and thrive in a new environment.


  • Communication planning often involves the whole team – staff and service providers
  • Goals and implementation do not always match
  • Covid-19 has impacted communication methods immensely, but not communication strategies
  • In-person services remain popular, but the pandemic has shifted engagement online
  • Data sharing can be limited by the system and by choice
  • Nearly all sponsors are measuring success
  • Holistic financial wellness is a nearly universal area of focus