Benchmarking Portal

Plans that participate in the Public Retirement Research Lab (PRRL) can use the interactive online benchmarking portal to compare plan-level data directly to their peers. The benchmarking portal allows for comparisons based on dozens of plan-level characteristics that can be combined in any way the user chooses.

NAGDCA has housed plan-level survey results from its Benchmarking Survey in the online benchmarking tool since 2016. Beginning in 2020, the data collected through the Benchmarking Survey is populated directly from the PRRL database replacing the need for an annual survey. The process significantly reduces the workload on plan sponsors compared to the previous survey by simply requiring plans to submit a participation form which authorizes their recordkeeper to transfer plan data directly to the PRRL. Government defined contribution plans are unique in the retirement world, and through the creation of the PRRL NAGDCA strives to provide reliable data tailored specially to those plans.

Access the Benchmarking Portal

To log into the benchmarking portal, please use your NAGDCA username and password. If you are unable to locate your login credentials, please email NAGDCA at to retrieve your login information.

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2020 State of Public Sector Defined Contribution Plans Report

The PRRL has published the annual “State of Public Sector Defined Contribution Plans” report. The report includes data that will help the defined contribution industry better understand trends and identify issues to better serve plan sponsors and plan participants. The report details public sector DC plan account balances, contributions, loans, asset allocation; features inaugural presentation of plan data aggregated across record keepers.

Plans that participate in the PRRL receive access to a customized “You vs Universe” report comparing their plan to the appropriate industry benchmarks, as well as access to the online benchmarking portal. Look for an announcement from NAGDCA in 2021 regarding the availability of the customized report and online tool.