Award-Winning Work

The annual awards program highlights the incredible work NAGDCA members are doing every day to secure the retirement future of their public sector employees. NAGDCA annually recognizes the brightest ideas and most innovative solutions from across the industry with its Leadership Recognition, Members’ Choice, and Art Caple President’s Awards. Learn more about the awards program below.

Leadership Recognition Awards

Projects and campaigns from NAGDCA government members are eligible for nomination for the annual Leadership Awards, and all nominations are forwarded to the NAGDCA Awards Committee, a panel of volunteers, who scrutinize the submissions and recognize those who are at the top of the field. Five leadership categories are awarded: Holistic Financial Wellness, National Retirement Security Month, Participant Education & Communication, Plan Design & Administration,  and Technology & Cybersecurity. The awards are presented by the Executive Board President at the Annual Conference.

NAGDCA – Art Caple President’s Award

The Leadership Awards nominees who receive the highest score in each of the four categories are eligible to receive the prestigious NAGDCA – Art Caple President’s Award. The NAGDCA Awards Committee reviews the top scoring nominations and recommends a winner to the Executive Board who makes the final selection. The winner receives complimentary registration and travel expenses for one person to the NAGDCA Annual Conference where they will be recognized and presented with the award.

NAGDCA – Art Caple President’s Award

The NAGDCA – Art Caple President’s Award was founded in 2019 to commemorate the lifework of past NAGDCA president, Art Caple. Mr. Caple was a visionary and voice for those who serve others through employer-sponsored retirement plans and championed retirement programs that continue today to build financial security for state and local government employees throughout their retirement. The President’s Award is presented annually at the NAGDCA Annual Conference to a public sector retirement plan that has championed the participant-first mentality that Mr. Caple demonstrated in his work building financial security for public employees.

Eligibility: Top scoring plans from the Leadership Recognition Awards.

Scoring/Selection Process: The NAGDCA Awards Committee reviews the nominees and recommend a winner to the Executive Board who makes the final selection.

Recognition: NAGDCA covers the cost of registration and travel expenses for one person from the plan to attend the annual conference and to accept the award from the Executive Board President during the awards ceremony. The winner is also recognized on NAGDCA’s social media and website.

Join NAGDCA in congratulating the 2023 winners – City of Seattle and Nationwide.

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Leadership Awards

NRSW Award

National Retirement Security Month Campaign Award

National Retirement Security Month (NRSM) is NAGDCA’s cornerstone campaign to allow public sector defined contribution administrators to focus their employees’ attention on the benefits of a secure retirement. NAGDCA’s members use the month to deepen their participants’ understanding of programs available in their plan. The NAGDCA Annual Awards for NRSM recognize our members who developed the most effective campaigns in the country.

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Participant Award

Participant Education & Communication Award

Establishing a creative communications campaign is one of the most effective ways for retirement plan sponsors to engage their employees and inform them about the importance of retirement savings. Each year the NAGDCA Awards Committee chooses the most original and captivating work to be recognized as the industry example from hundreds of plans.

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Plan Design Award

Plan Design & Administration Award

Designing a retirement plan is an art that represents the most direct way a plan sponsor can affect their employees’ retirement outcomes. Which options to offer, in what amount, whether to use “white label” funds, how to structure target date funds, all of these are just a few of the nearly limitless decisions facing plan sponsors when they design their plan. From among the outstanding designs available in state and local government plans, NAGDCA annually awards the best in the field to recognize those who are leading the way in this important aspect of public sector defined contribution administration.

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Technology Award

Technology & Cybersecurity Award

Effective use of technology and social media has rapidly emerged as an essential part of engaging employees in their retirement planning. NAGDCA’s annual award in this category recognizes those who are not only embracing the changes presented by new technology but using it to their advantage to create a more dynamic, interactive member experience.

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