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How To Join

Step 1 – Verify your email
– Click here to enter your email to verify you are not already registered with NAGDCA

Step 2 – Fill out your personal information
– Use the form to fill out your registration information

Step 3 – Select your organization or enter your organization’s information
– If you represent an organization that is already registered with NAGDCA, use the dropdown to find and select your organization. If your organization is not registered with NAGDCA, enter your organization’s information to complete the registration.

Step 4 – Confirm your information
– Once you have completed the form(s) listed above, you will be prompted to confirm that your information is correct. If so, click “save.”

Step 5 – Visit our online store to select your membership type
– Use the lefthand navigation bar to select “online store.” Once the store has loaded, select your membership type and add to cart.

Step 6 – Complete your purchase
– Continue to your cart to complete your purchase.

Step 7 – Review receipt
– A confirmation email of your membership purchase will be sent to the email address you provided as your primary email address.

Membership Types