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NAGDCA’s Legislative Priorities

Each year NAGDCA advocates for a list of federal legislative priorities which are developed by the Legislative Committee and the Executive Board with the advice and support of the Government Affairs Director and staff. NAGDCA’s legislative priorities represent solutions to the most pressing federal policy and technical problems facing NAGDCA’s members.

In March of each year, the Executive Board presents the priorities in small group meetings with key legislators and their staff on Capitol Hill, to ensure that the voice of all NAGDCA members is heard at the federal level.

Legislative Priorities

2018-2019 Legislative Priorities

Step One

Protect unique public sector plan features –

NAGDCA is opposed to “Rothification” (requiring all or part of retirement plan contributions be made as Roth contributions), “plan consolidation” (the creation of a single new section of the IRS code, collapsing all defined contribution retirement plans into one), or any other plans that would eliminate current plan flexibility.

Accordingly, we oppose eliminating or reducing the special catch up provisions currently available in 457(b) plans which allow employees who are closer to retirement to save more.

Step Two

Expand 403(b) investment options to include collective investment trusts (CITs) and individual (or separate) accounts

Step Three

Pass a resolution supporting National Retirement Security Week

Step Four

Increase Roth responsiveness – allow participants to roll assets from a Roth IRA into their government defined contribution plan

Step Five

Improve administrative efficiency – eliminate the “first day of the month” requirement for making changes to contributions to 457(b) plans and allow non-spousal beneficiaries to roll assets into government plans

Step Six

Allow government defined contribution plans to make qualifying charitable distributions (QCDs) as IRAs are

Get Involved

If you are interested in learning more about NAGDCA’s legislative priorities or if you would like to serve on a committee to help develop our legislative action plans, please contact us. We are always working to include NAGDCA members in our legislative and advocacy efforts. Your feedback and your voice are important.

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Submit Your Ideas for NAGDCA’s Federal Policy Platform

NAGDCA members are invited to use the form below to submit ideas to the Legislative Committee to be considered for inclusion in NAGDCA’s 2019-2020 federal policy platform and legislative priorities:

Offer a short title or statement of the subject matter of the proposal. (e.g. “Allow non-spousal beneficiaries to roll assets into plans”)
Give a brief summary (one paragraph) of the relevant provisions of current law or regulation. Include Internal Revenue Code or other federal statute and/or code of regulations citation. (e.g. “IRC Section 457(b) requires…”)
Give a brief description (one paragraph) of the change in federal law or regulation that you want NAGDCA to pursue. (e.g. “IRC Section 457(b) should be amended to allow…”)
Outline the policy rationale or arguments for making the proposed statutory or regulatory change. Include supporting data or other evidence, if possible.
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