NAGDCA’s Mission

As the National Association of Government Defined Contribution Administrators, NAGDCA recognizes that defined contribution plans are an essential part of public sector retirement security. We aim to provide the most comprehensive data and best practices available to help plan sponsors in their mission of providing the best retirement security for their plan participants. NAGDCA represents the voice of all 50 states at the federal level and our members are experts in public sector deferred compensation plans.

NAGDCA is actively working to be the leading advocate and spokesperson for the future success of the public sector defined contribution community. We will accomplish this by providing excellent data and research, good operational effectiveness, and an active network of experts.

In order to better serve our member network and, in turn, their plan participants, NAGDCA prioritizes all association work based on a mission and vision set forth by our experienced and knowledgeable governing body.

In the coming years, NAGDCA’s board of directors and executive staff will be working in tandem with our operational committees to further develop plans and processes that benefit government plan sponsor members and their plan participants as well as industry members alike.

NAGDCA’s Mission

NAGDCA’s mission is to be the primary source of thought leadership, interaction and legislative advocacy for the public sector defined contribution industry.

NAGDCA’s Vision

NAGDCA’s vision is to develop a network of well-informed defined contribution retirement plan sponsors and industry professionals working together to provide America’s public sector workers with a secure financial future.

Our Strategic Goals

NAGDCA’s strategic goals are determined at a yearly joint meeting with the executive board and staff. Each goal is defined using the scope of our mission and vision and by review of feedback from our members and the legislative environment of the time.

2023 Strategic Goals

First Priority


Streamline and modernize information for all members


Connect the NAGDCA community throughout the year


Third Priority


Advocate to secure the future of public DC plans