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The Legislative Committee invites all NAGDCA members to submit ideas for improving federal retirement laws or regulations. Over the next two months we will be reviewing and updating NAGDCA’s federal agenda and making recommendations to the Executive Board about what our legislative priorities for 2021 should be. Please use the form below to submit your ideas.

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NAGDCA Legislative Policy Proposals

Offer a short title or statement of the subject matter of the proposal. (e.g. “Allow non-spousal beneficiaries to roll assets into plans”)
Give a brief summary (one paragraph) of the relevant provisions of current law or regulation. Include Internal Revenue Code or other federal statute and/or code of regulations citation. (e.g. “IRC Section 457(b) requires…”)
Give a brief description (one paragraph) of the change in federal law or regulation that you want NAGDCA to pursue. (e.g. “IRC Section 457(b) should be amended to allow…”)
Outline the policy rationale or arguments for making the proposed statutory or regulatory change. Include supporting data or other evidence, if possible.
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