During their August meeting, the NAGDCA Executive Board approved three recommended changes to the Industry Committee to go into effect for the 2021 committee term. The changes, recommended by the 2020 Industry Committee, aim to optimize the committee to ensure it is meeting the needs of the industry members and the organization. Each of the changes and associated goals is listed below.

  1. Mirror Executive Board positions by combining the secretary and treasurer roles on the industry committee.
    • Goal: facilitate conversations among those elected to the Board and Committee in the same year/serving in the same position to build rapport prior to serving on the Board together.
  2. Transition non-voting industry Board seat from Industry Past President to Industry Vice President.
    • Goal: allow the Committee Vice President to become familiarized with Board business prior to holding the voting seat as President.
  3. To achieve the transition outlined above, allow 2020 President, Ketul Thaker, to serve as President for a second term in 2021.
    1. Goal: allows for all committee members to serve on the Board for two years as expected.

2021 Member-at-Large nominations will open on Thursday and we encourage all those who are interested in serving on the committee to submit your name. Voting will take place during the virtual business meeting on Thursday, October 22. Please click here to register for the meeting.

Current and Future Industry Committee Structure

Please note, a green colored box denotes a seat on the NAGDCA Executive Board.