NAGDCA Connect - October 2020 | Today's 65-year-old can expect to live another 20 years, according to the Social Security Administration. Similarly, the bottom 20% of older adults have no assets; in fact, some are in debt. For a 65-year old couple, healthcare expenses can reach $265,000-$349,000 during retirement (EBRI health expense report) yet 4 out of 5 people cannot accurately estimate how much they expect to pay for health care in retirement (Nationwide annual Health Care and LTC Survey).

Combined, longer lives and lower savings are fueling a retirement security crisis for millions of American. Join us for an active discussion regarding what to expect as well as tools and solutions available to American's retirees to help decrease longevity and healthcare cost risk.


  • Moderator: Chris Biddle, Executive Director, Kentucky Deferred Compensation
  • Panelist: Kristi Rodriguez, Vice President, Nationwide Retirement Institute
  • Panelist: Marc Cohen, University of Massachusetts
  • Panelist: Josh Hodges, Chief Customer Officer, National Council on Aging

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Health, Wellness and Financial Security