Cyber Security

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Ensuring Cyber Security

Cyber attacks are a major concern for public plan sponsors, and as systems continue to increase complexity and dependence of digital systems, the threat will only grow. NAGDCA has developed best practices and information sharing resources along with our partners at MS-ISAC to help plan sponsors understand current threats, and keep their plans secure for the future. MS-ISAC is a leading internet security firm that aids state and local governments with training and resources to help employees better understand cyber security and identify threats.

While record keepers take on most of the security burden and have their own systems in place, it is important that plan sponsors also have a greater understanding of threats to cyber security and how to ensure their public sector employees and plans are protected. Using both resources from MS-ISAC and our pending Cyber Task Force, NAGDCA plans to create and offer resources for best practices, including materials to help plan sponsors ask the right questions about cyber security when reviewing record keepers during the bidding process.

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