Ensuring Cybersecurity

Cyber attacks are a major concern for public plan sponsors, and as systems continue to increase complexity and dependence of digital systems, the threat will only grow. NAGDCA has developed best practices and information sharing resources along with our partners at MS-ISAC to help plan sponsors understand current threats, and keep their plans secure for the future. MS-ISAC is a leading internet security organization that provides state and local governments with training and resources to help employees better understand cybersecurity and identify threats.

MS-ISAC Membership

NAGDCA encourages our members to consider joining MS-ISAC as a way of improving your plan’s cybersecurity practices. MS-ISAC offers free tools and training to state and local governments focused on cyber threat prevention, protection, response and recovery. They offer a wealth of information and threat-sharing services, and best of all it’s free to participating plans. Click the link below to learn more.

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SPARK Guidance for Record Keepers

Our partners at the SPARK Institute, through their Data Security Oversight Board, have identified a set of sixteen best practices for record keepers to consider to help them communicate the capabilities of their cybersecurity systems with consultants, clients, and prospective clients. This information is provided here to help plan sponsors begin the conversation with your vendors about this complex topic. Click the links below to learn more.

SPARK Standards
Cyber Disclosures