Participants have spent decades preparing for the much-anticipated day they can retire. As that day approaches, participants typically experience anxiety on how to navigate the decision-making process to ensure a successful retirement. As a plan sponsor, retiree assets may represent a significant portion of plan assets and retaining those assets generally helps the plan as well as the participant. This session will provide guidance on helping participants navigate this phase of their lives.

This session will address:

  • How to holistically view defined contribution assets with pension benefits (if available) including draw down strategies, DROP strategies, retirement income products and service.
  • How to create successful targeted marketing campaigns and how data analytics can play a valuable role in successful campaigns.
  • Pre-retirement education via targeted campaigns and workshop.
  • How Social Security benefits, claiming decisions and health care costs impact most retirees.
  • How to keep retirees engaged after separation of service via retiree events.
  • How fund houses and local brokers leverage their products and services to roll-over defined contribution assets to individual retirement accounts and other products.

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Retaining Retirees and Those Nearing Retirement