In 2022, a fee task force, consisting of plan sponsors and industry members, was established to help public plan sponsors understand the various ways fees can be assessed to the defined contribution plan(s), participants, and investment options. The goal was to provide transparency into fee structures, revenue drivers, and costs associated with the products and services utilized by sponsors to help provide education, investment options, and administration of their retirement programs offered to plan participants. The panel will discuss the evolution of fee evaluation by NAGDCA over time, collateral material created, and an analysis of potential cost drivers to help understand the nuances of fees associated with public plans.


  • Moderator: Amy Heyel, Corebridge Financial
  • Kelly Bush, Empower
  • Karyn Lujan, State of New Mexico
  • Jacob Peacock, AndCo Consulting

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Insights from the NAGDCA Fees Task Force