The first question most participants have once they elect to defer to their retirement via a defined contribution plan is, “Where should I put my money?” Studies have shown that over 90 percent of long-term investment returns are attributable to decisions about one’s asset allocation – NOT timing the market or stock picking. For many, this question is very daunting, and rightfully so. Asset allocation decisions can have nearly as much effect on the success of a plan as saving money in the first place. Taking on more risk requires some trade-offs but could be worth it.

This session will discuss the importance of:

  • Adopting a core investment line-up that assists participants with making those decisions
  • Establishing, measuring, and regularly evaluating a plan’s retirement glide path
  • Evaluating fees versus performance
  • Leveraging target date funds and/or asset allocation services to provide robust asset allocation for plan participants
  • Managed Accounts and the rise of “Robo Advisors” and how they’re providing comprehensive financial planning tools for plan participants and their families

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Asset Allocation Techniques during the Accumulation Phase