Call for Speakers

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Call for Speakers


NAGDCA’s call for annual conference speakers is now open! We are looking for the best and brightest in the public sector defined contribution industry who can inspire, educate and deliver helpful, practical information to our conference attendees. Prior to completing a speaker submission form, we ask that all interested parties review the roles and expectations listed below to ensure that those selected as presenters have a clear understanding of their responsibilities.

The NAGDCA Annual Conference is a curated experience. The conference committee will review each submission; however, we are only able to accommodate those that best meet our programming needs. We look forward to your submission!

Speaker Submission Process

  1. Review speaker and moderator roles and expectations
  2. Review full descriptions and ideal speakers for each session
  3. Complete a submission form for your desired session(s); indicating your preferred role and specific areas of expertise

Please contact Carly Miller, NAGDCA Program Manager, ( if you have any questions.

Panelist Role and Expectations

Panelists are responsible for presenting their perspective on the provided session topic through conversation, engagement, and debate with fellow panelists. Panelists are expected to establish their own remarks and talking points to submit for review by the full panel and Annual Conference Committee in accordance with established deadlines.

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Moderator Role and Expectations

The moderator’s job is to help ensure the audience’s needs are met and the learning outcomes are achieved. The moderator sets the tone, establishes pace and ensures all content remains relevant to the stated session description and takeaways. It is the modertaor’s responsibility to make sure the session is lively, engaging and worthwhile.

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2019 Conference Sessions

Asset Allocation Techniques during the Accumulation Phase

Asset allocation decisions can have nearly as much effect on the success of a plan as saving money in the first place. This session will discuss the importance of adopting a core investment line-up, evaluating fees versus performance, and more.

Full Description & Submission Form

Board/Committee Membership, Governance & Best Practices

The most common form of plan governance involves the creation of a specialized board (or committee), usually appointed under the governing authority of the plan sponsor. This session is dedicated to assisting those that serve on or support a board or committee with their fiduciary and/or governance duties.

Full Description & Submission Form

Equity Investment Options

Equities can play a pivotal role in the long-term success of a retirement plan. This session will discuss what asset classes to include in a core lineup along with a review of available structures including mutual funds, collective investment trusts (CITs), and separate accounts.

Full Description & Submission Form

Fees and the RFP Process

The formal Request for Proposal (RFP) process can be a cumbersome and lengthy process that many plan sponsors dread, but it is an essential best practice for plan fiduciaries to follow on a regular basis. This session will explore considerations in developing and executing a successful RFP and the resources that can be leveraged to assist in this process.

Full Description & Submission Form

Financial Wellness

For many, money is the biggest stress in their lives and impacts every part of their health – mind, body and spirit. This session will focus on plan level monitoring of plan health, incorporating financial wellness into an overall wellness program, and more.

Full Description & Submission Form

How DB Plan Pressures Impact DC Plans

Many governmental plans are facing significant headwinds to sustain their defined benefit plan, such as market volatility, inconsistent employer contributions, inappropriate benefit policies, etc. This session will review the current state of defined benefit plans and the role defined contribution plans may play in the future.

Full Description & Submission Form

Industry Innovations*

Where will the defined contribution industry be in 2025? The closing session of the conference will provide a platform for leaders in the industry to share forecasts of the industry and discuss innovative technologies, communication strategies, products, investments and more.  *Speaking spots reserved for industry members only.

Full Description & Submission Form

Leveraging Technology and
Participant Tools

New technology continues to alter everything in our lives, including how participants track and manage their portfolios. This session will explore technological trends, data analytics, the role of cybersecurity, the importance of enhanced tools, and more.

Full Description & Submission Form

Retaining Retirees and Those
Nearing Retirement

As a plan sponsor, retiree assets may represent a significant portion of plan assets and retaining those assets generally helps the plan as well as the participant. This session will provide guidance on helping participants navigate this phase of their lives.

Full Description & Submission Form

Role of Fixed Income Investments
in a Portfolio

Fixed income investments can play several key roles in a portfolio from minimizing market volatility to creating income in retirement. This session will discuss various fixed investment types along with the associated potential benefits, restrictions, and more.

Full Description & Submission Form

Successful Communication Campaigns

High competition for a participant’s attention and the many methods of outreach and engagement can make developing successful communications campaigns difficult. This session will focus on successful strategies, data usage, targeted messaging, and more.

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Unbundled Versus Bundled
Record Keeping

Administrative cost, control, oversite, and evaluation are all key indicators that may drive the decision to bundle or unbundle services. As a plan fiduciary with many responsibilities and limited time, is this a question that should be on your radar, and what is the optimal solution for your plan?

Full Description & Submission Form

Highlights from 2018

Government and Industry members from around the country gathered in Philadelphia, PA to review best practices, industry innovation, and network with peers in the government defined contribution plan arena. Presenters covered topics from auto-enrollment techniques to generational education and communication. Over four days, attendees were able to participate in over ten presentations and attend an awards ceremony honoring the best in the business.

2018 Conference Highlights

Conference Sponsors

Our conference is made possible, in part, by generous donations from leaders in the financial and investment industry. To learn more about becoming a sponsor for our annual conference, visit our Conference Sponsorships page.

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