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Call for Speakers

Applications due Tuesday, February 28.

NAGDCA’s call for speakers is open! We are looking for the best and brightest in the public sector defined contribution industry who can inspire, educate and deliver helpful, practical information to our conference attendees. Prior to completing a speaker application form, we ask that all interested parties review the roles and expectations listed below to ensure that those selected as presenters have a clear understanding of their responsibilities.

The NAGDCA Annual Conference is a curated experience; therefore, submitting a speaker application does not guarantee a speaking spot. The conference committee will review each submission and select individuals who best meet our programming needs. We look forward to reviewing your application!


Most conference sessions are an hour long and are formatted as discussion panels featuring one moderator and three panelists. Sessions typically follow the below outline:

  • 5 minute introduction of the topic and panelists by the moderator.
  • 8-10 minutes for each panelist to share their perspective on the topic.
  • 10 minutes of curated questions from the moderator.
  • 10 minutes of Q&A with the audience ending with a summary and thanks.


The majority of conference attendees are public sector defined contribution plan sponsors, committee, and Board members. Attendees have varying levels of knowledge ranging from those new to public sector DC plans to individuals who have spent years in the industry. The secondary audience is made up of industry service providers including recordkeepers, consultants, and asset managers.


  1. Review moderator and panelist roles and expectations.
  2. Review the session topics and subtopics selected by the Annual Conference Committee.
  3. Complete an application form for your desired session(s); indicating your preferred role and presentation content. Please note, all speakers should focus on providing content that is specific to the public sector. 

NAGDCA is committed to fostering an inclusive community. We value and encourage diverse perspectives and participation throughout all our activities and in the business of the Association. 

Moderator Role and Expectations

A moderator is the glue that keeps it together. The moderator’s job is to help ensure the audience’s needs are met and the learning outcomes are achieved. The moderator sets the tone, establishes pace, and ensures all content remains relevant to the stated session description and takeaways. It is the moderator’s responsibility to make sure the session is lively, engaging, and worthwhile.

Panelist Role and Expectations

Panelists are responsible for presenting their perspective on the provided session topic through conversation, engagement, and debate with fellow panelists. Panelists are expected to establish their own remarks and talking points to submit for review by the full panel and Annual Conference Committee in accordance with established deadlines.

2023 Conference Session Topics

Fiduciary Responsibilities of Plan Sponsors

Investment Management

Board and Committees 

Provider Evaluation Process

Leadership and Team Management

Building a Retirement Plan for the Bottom 20%

Public Sector Retirement Plans with Primary DC Plan

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