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Call for Speakers

The call for annual conference speakers is closed.

NAGDCA’s call for annual conference speakers is open! We are looking for the best and brightest in the public sector defined contribution industry who can inspire, educate and deliver helpful, practical information to our conference attendees. Prior to completing a speaker submission form, we ask that all interested parties review the roles and expectations listed below to ensure that those selected as presenters have a clear understanding of their responsibilities.

The NAGDCA Annual Conference is a curated experience. The conference committee will review each submission; however, we are only able to accommodate those that best meet our programming needs. We look forward to your submission!

Speaker Submission Process

  1. Review moderator and panelist roles and expectations.
  2. Review session descriptions.
  3. Complete a submission form for your desired session(s); indicating your preferred role and potential presentation content.

Please contact Carly Miller, Program Manager, (cmiller@amrms.com) if you have any questions.

Moderator Role and Expectations

A moderator is the glue that keeps it together. The moderator’s job is to help ensure the audience’s needs are met and the learning outcomes are achieved. The moderator sets the tone, establishes pace and ensures all content remains relevant to the stated session description and takeaways. It is the moderator’s responsibility to make sure the session is lively, engaging and worthwhile.

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Panelist Role and Expectations

Panelists are responsible for presenting their perspective on the provided session topic through conversation, engagement, and debate with fellow panelists. Panelists are expected to establish their own remarks and talking points to submit for review by the full panel and Annual Conference Committee in accordance with established deadlines.

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2020 Conference Sessions

At a crossroads: Health and Wealth 

Public sector retirement plans have a wide range of defined contribution plan structures and the differences between plan types can be confusing. Now, some organizations are adding health accounts, such as HSAs and HRAs to the savings mix – further complicating the picture for participants.

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Auto Features: Set it and forget it?

Automatic enrollment is one of the most effective ways to increase participation in workplace retirement plans. Yet according to NAGDCA research, half of the states wholly prohibit automatic enrollment for public employees, while another 16 limit it in some form.

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Board/Committee Membership, Governance & Best Practices

Proper plan oversight and operation is essential in maintaining governance on a governmental defined contribution plan. The most common form of plan governance involves the creation of a specialized board (or committee), usually appointed under the governing authority of the plan sponsor.

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Retirement Income: Funding the encore

NAGDCA members work hard to help their participants save for retirement. However, what happens the day after retirement? While many plan sponsors may advocate for keeping assets in the plan, they need to help participants spend their money in a way that meets their goals using a personalized approach.

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Seeking the Holy Grail – Holistic Financial Wellness

Implementing a financial wellness program can be highly complicated. Public employees have widely different concerns and mindsets about retirement, health, savings, and debt. This panel will focus on comprehensive financial wellness programs they successfully implemented and grew to help address participant’s needs.

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Show me the money – a focus on fees

In recent years, government plan sponsors have been focused on fees – their correlation to service and impact on value. This panel will explore the why behind those who have successfully lowered their fees and others who have chosen higher fees in hopes of achieving better member outcomes or providing enhanced services.

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Talk is cheap: How to drive change through strategic communications

All employees must understand their retirement plan options in order to effectively plan for their future, but successfully communicating with them remains a challenge for most. This session will explore the unique obstacles public plan sponsors face when engaging with participants, strategies for overcoming those obstacles, and the importance of measuring the right things.

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The way forward: Why diversity and inclusion matters

How do we create a more inclusive financial environment for diverse populations? This panel will discuss some of the common misperceptions and biases that exist and how to re-frame the conversation so that everyone in your organization hears a retirement message to which they can relate.

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To catch a thief: Fraud and cybersecurity in a connected world

Hacking, breaches, viruses, ransomware – cybersecurity is scary. But what action can you take as a plan sponsor to both prevent attacks and respond to them when they occur? Our panel of experts will discuss the latest tactics to keep the bad guys at bay that you can take back to the office and immediately implement to protect unauthorized access to your plan and your participants.

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Highlights from 2019

Government and Industry members from around the country gathered in New Orleans to review best practices, industry innovation, and network with peers in the government defined contribution plan arena. Over four days, attendees were able to participate in over 10 presentations covering topics from storytelling techniques to fiduciary best practices.

2019 Conference Highlights

Conference Sponsors

Our conference is made possible, in part, by generous donations from leaders in the financial and investment industry. To learn more about becoming a sponsor for our annual conference, visit our Conference Sponsorships page.

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