Lexington, KY, July 28, 2021—The National Association of Government Defined Contribution Administrators (NAGDCA) today expressed gratitude for recently passed former Senator Mike Enzi’s support of National Retirement Security Month. NAGDCA is the premier professional association for plan administrators and services providers of government-sponsored defined contribution retirement plans.

“Former Senator Enzi was a strong NAGDCA ally and passionate supporter of retirement security for the population served by our constituents—state and local government employees—and all Americans,” stated NAGDCA Executive Director Matt Petersen. “In particular, Senator Enzi’s annual sponsorship of NAGDCA-conceived National Retirement Security Week and Month resolutions set him apart from his peers as a champion of our cause, which is to raise awareness of the need of all Americans to actively save for retirement. We are ever grateful for Senator Enzi’s tireless efforts and offer our condolences to the Enzi family in this difficult time.”

As articulated in the 2020 Resolution for National Retirement Security Month—S.Res.743, sponsored by Senator Enzi—the Senate “calls on States, localities, schools, universities, nonprofit organizations, businesses, other entities, and the people of the United States to observe National Retirement Security Month with appropriate programs and activities, with the goal of increasing the retirement savings and personal financial literacy of all people in the United States and enhancing the retirement security of the people of the United States.” Senator Enzi sponsored resolution for National Retirement Security Week annually beginning in 2009.

NAGDCA conceived National Retirement Security Week in 2006 to create a national effort to raise public awareness of the importance of saving for retirement. In 2020, National Retirement Security Week was expanded to National Retirement Security Month, as recommended by NAGDCA’s Legislative Committee, to provide retirement plan sponsors greater flexibility in implementing promotions and events. At NAGDCA’s request, the Senate has passed resolution supporting the goals and ideals of National Retirement Security Week/Month every year since 2006.

NAGDCA provides education, information, and training in all aspects of public plan administration to support members in creating plans that enable secure retirement outcomes for their participants. To encourage a grassroots movement for societal change around retirement, NAGDCA conceived and introduced National Retirement Security Week to Congress. Resolution for the creation of National Retirement Security Week—now National Retirement Security Month (2020)—was passed by the Senate in 2006 and continues with bipartisan support annually. To learn more about NAGDCA, visit

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