Industry Membership

NAGDCA membership offers our private sector partners important opportunities to make a national impact in the government defined contribution market. Industry members are an integral part of our committees and conference, sharing their expertise as speakers and leaders across an array of different contexts. Our annual Industry Roundtable provides an opportunity to network with other industry members, learn the latest news from Washington insiders, and share incites exclusively related to public sector defined contribution plans. Finally, all industry members are eligible to run for election to our Industry Committee, which culminates in a two-year term on the Executive Board where you will help determine NAGDCA’s future strategic direction.

Get Connected

NAGDCA’s Member Forums allow industry representatives and government plan sponsors to connect and share knowledge on the latest trends. Our Membership Map is a complete snapshot of every plan represented in NAGDCA membership and also highlights all of our participating industry organizations – it’s a great tool to make new connections. NAGDCA also offers plan sponsors the opportunity to post RFPs for service at any time throughout the year. For our industry members, this presents a consolidated view of those government plans actively seeking a new vendor. 

Member Forum

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Member RFPs

Member RFPs

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Industry Membership Options

Industry Membership

Industry Primary & Associate Memberships

At least one member of each business or organization must act as the primary entity representative. The entity representative is responsible for the entity’s annual fee of $900 per year, and all other associates within that entity may join as Industry Associate Members for $400 a year. There is no limit on the number of representatives allowed to join as private industry associates.

Industry Primary Membership

Cost: $900 per year
Coverage: Industry entity membership for acting member representing the entire business or organization entity.

Industry Associate Membership

Cost: $400 per year
Coverage: Single entity membership covers up to one person.

Both Primary and Associate Industry members receive the following benefits:

  • Access to NAGDCA’s premier online community, the NAGDCA Network
  • Access to all online content including resources, data center, RFPs, best practices, legislative and policy updates, webinar sponsorship, and more
  • Representation on Capitol Hill
  • Ability to participate in NAGDCA committees, hold elected NAGDCA office, and participate in annual awards
  • Opportunity to submit articles to NAGDCA newsletter
  • Access to the annual conference and other networking opportunities
    (Please click here to review NAGDCA’s industry member event policies.)
Special Government Membership

Special Membership

NAGDCA provides complimentary membership to students who study full-time at an accredited college or university and to retired professionals who are of 55 years of age, worked in services relating to the DC plan industry, and spent at least four active years in NAGDCA.

For more information or to see if you qualify for complimentary student or retired memberships, contact us.