The pandemic accelerated a societal shift that’s been going on for years; our work lives and our personal lives are merging. Wise employers are recognizing that to have a highly productive workforce, they need to help employees develop a healthy mind, body, wallet, and life. This session will explore how some employers are making that goal a reality and provide tips for marketing the value of a career in public service with current staff or prospective job candidates. The panel will also review research that sheds light on the benefits of most interest to public employees and the characteristics of the work that attract them to the field in the first place.


  • Moderator: Gerald Young, MissionSquare Research Institute
  • Alison Borland, Alight Solutions
  • Kevin Kilcarr, Enterprise Iron
  • Jim Potvin, Employees' Retirement System of Georgia

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Recruitment, Retention, and Total Employee Wellbeing