Plan members need specific information at key points during their career. Timing is a critical component of financial planning and knowing the “when’s” and “how much” should be more specific than “whatever you can, all the time.” Sometimes, one-size-fits-all messaging for increasing contributions is overly generalized. Our strategy was to find ways to get relevant messaging to members during their windows of opportunity to increase their contributions. We created several themed increase contribution campaigns, including a Tortoise and Hare Re-match video, with numerous tactics to target specific audiences at the right time: eligible employees, young savers, mid-career members, and late career members. We seen great success including: $20,094,428 total increases in 2021, which was an 81% increase ($12,362,827) in the 1st half of 2021 and 15% increase ($7,761,601) in 2nd half of 2021. We conducted 195 webinars in 2021 with 13,436 in attendance (a 100% increase compared to pre-Covid-19).

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Maryland Teachers and State Employees Supplemental Retirement Plans (MSRP) - How Much? How Long? Increase Campaigns