We live in a time when digital marketing moves fast, quickly changing our expectations of how we interact with and receive content. As consumers, we expect brands to deliver messages designed just for us and that expectation stretches to all types of messages we engage with. This session will focus on marketing trends like personalization and digital nudging and how plans can employ those techniques to engage with participants and drive results, especially with younger and mid-career savers. The panel will also explore the impact the pandemic has had on delivering information to older participants. Learn about the essential role participant data plays in delivering unique messages to increasingly micro-targeted audiences.


  • Moderator: Sheri Gilchrist, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, MissionSquare Retirement
  • Panelist: Yolie Briseño, DCP Program Coordinator, City of Phoenix
  • Panelist: Amelia Dunlap, VP, Marketing, Nationwide
  • Panelist: Kenje Mallot, Director of Financial Solutions, Alight Solutions

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