In late 2019, we announced the creation of the Public Retirement Research Lab (PRRL), a collaborative effort with the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI).

The PRRL was created to produce unbiased, actionable findings aimed at enhancing understanding of the design and utilization of public sector defined contribution retirement. Research produced by the PRRL is based on analysis of data contained in the Public Retirement Research Database, the first-ever comprehensive database specific to public sector defined contribution plans.

Join us for this introductory webinar in which NAGDCA Executive Director Matt Petersen and EBRI President and CEO Lori Lucas share the factors leading to the creation of the PRRL, and how each organization’s singular strengths apply to effectively addressing current public retirement information shortcomings. Webinar attendees will also hear from EBRI Senior Research Associate Craig Copeland on the PRRL’s first research study, and from PRRL Founding Partners and Steering Committee chairpersons about the anticipated benefits of the PRRL to better inform public sector retirement plan design, management, innovation, and legislation.

Click here to view the recording. Select Download to access the PDF version of the presentation. 

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Introducing the Public Retirement Research Lab: Defining the Future of Public Sector Retirement