Join us for a conversation to explore the Public Service Retirement Fairness Act endorsed by NAGDCA which would amend IRC Section 403(b) to permit the inclusion of Collective Investment  Trusts (CITs). CITs enable 403(b) plan sponsors to provide a more robust array of investment options at lower costs, providing the potential for increased retirement asset growth for plan participants. Congressman Panetta (D-CA), who introduced the bipartisan Act, will share his thoughts with attendees via a recorded statement.

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  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 3:30 Remarks from Congressman Panetta (D-CA)
  • 10:24 NAGDCA's Legislative Efforts
  • 13:23 What are CITs? History and Evolution
  • 17:18 Evolution of CITs in 403(b) Legislation
  • 21:33 CITs in 403(b) Coalition
  • 23:10 How do CITs Benefit Retirement Plans?
  • 32:27 Plan Sponsor Considerations
  • 40:30 Q&A

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A Closer Look at Federal Legislation to Improve Outcomes for 403(b) Plan Participants