Register today for NAGDCA’s 2022 P2P Exchange sessions! Join fellow government members for virtual small group discussions that provide an opportunity for plan sponsors to connect in an informal setting to discuss challenges, ideas, and lessons learned.

Beginning in February, NAGDCA will host a P2P Exchange session every other month for the remainder of 2022 and we encourage you to participate in as many sessions as you’d like. Sessions are scheduled for: Feb. 24, April 19, Jun. 22, Aug. 25, Oct. 25, and Dec. 14.

Have something in mind that you’d like to discuss with your peers? Submit a topic or question on the registration form. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect virtually with your peers – click below to register! (P2P Exchanges are open to government members only.)

Here’s what members are saying about P2P Exchanges.

“I highly encourage you to participate in the NAGDCA P2P series sessions, they provide a great opportunity to have candid discussions with your peers and learn what others are doing to help their participants achieve their retirement dreams and aspirations. We all have great ideas to share and this intimate environment provides a great opportunity to collaborate with other plans and share best practices.”

– Michelle Berklacich, Retired, State of California Savings Plus Program

“I find the NAGDCA P2P sessions to be a high-return investment of just one hour of my time. The sessions are intimate in size and very adaptable to the attendees’ needs. The P2P sessions are a great way to spend more time and become more familiar with fellow NAGDCA members, and to develop a stronger network of peers who can support each other in the unique work that we do.”

– Jay Castellano, Employee Benefits, County of San Mateo

“NAGDCA’s Peer-to-Peer Breakouts are a true pleasure. I’m always impressed by the wisdom, creativity, and dedication of colleagues across the country, so many of whom I’ll meet for the first time during the breakouts. When they’re over I always wish there was more time to get to know them more and learn more about their programs.”

– Steven Montagna, Chief Personnel Analyst, City of LA