NAGDCA Industry Member Code of Conduct & Sponsorship Policies

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Industry Members Code of Conduct

The Industry Members of the National Association of Government Defined Contribution Administrators, Inc. will abide by the rules and regulations herein described while in attendance at an Annual Conference or Regional Meeting. To wit, Industry Members and/or their representatives:

  1. will not schedule any event for meeting attendees which conflicts with time periods dedicated to official "meeting functions." The definition of a "meeting function" is any activity appearing in the NAGDCA program/conference schedule.
  2. will not use participation on a panel, discussion group, or other educational portion of the conference program as an opportunity to deliver a "commercial" for their products and services. Visual aids utilized during presentations may not display corporate names or logos. Information must be conveyed in the intellectual sense, not in a proprietary manner. 
  3. will not construct booths or sales oriented displays at an annual conference or other meeting to promote their company's products and services.
  4. will not mass distribute brochures, flyers, or other materials to conference delegates prior to or during a conference or meeting including items handed out during conference sessions such as prizes. This is not permitted without prior written consent from the Executive Board.
  5. will conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner at all times during a conference or meeting while interacting with Government Members and fellow Industry Members.

NAGDCA Annual Conference Sponsorship Policies

  • Sponsors are not permitted display areas for company information. 
  • All sponsors (except Bronze level) will receive a link to access up to date attendance rosters. Rosters are only sent to the primary member on file for the sponsoring company. Rosters are not to be used for mass mailings, but can be used to send client invitations for events during the NAGDCA Annual Conference. 
  • Mass distribution of brochures, flyers, or other sponsorship materials to conference attendees prior or during the annual conference is not permitted without prior written consent from the Executive Board. 
  • Planning for all private corporate events is the responsibility of industry members. 

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