Speaker Resources

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Speaker Resources

Please contact Carly Miller, NAGDCA Program Manager, (cmiller@amrms.com) if you have any questions.

Conference Agenda
PowerPoint Template
Presentation Tips
Town Hall Slides
Town Hall Recording


Friday, August 2 – Draft Presentation Due

Wednesday, August 28 – Final Presentation Due

Panelist Expectations

Panelists are responsible for presenting their perspective on the provided session topic through conversation, engagement, and debate with fellow panelists. Panelists are expected to establish their own remarks and talking points to submit for review by the full panel and Annual Conference Committee in accordance with established deadlines.

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Moderator Expectations

The moderator’s job is to help ensure the audience’s needs are met and the learning outcomes are achieved. The moderator sets the tone, establishes pace and ensures all content remains relevant to the stated session description and takeaways. It is the modertaor’s responsibility to make sure the session is lively, engaging and worthwhile.

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