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Communicating Plan Fees

Suggested subtopics:

  • My retirement plan has low fees, but my participants would say otherwise. Best practices to communicate plan fees.
  • Can participants roll in funds from other plans that have higher fees?
  • Ideas for reducing fees (case study).
  • How do we ensure participants understand if they retire or leave a job and roll the money to something else, they may be losing significant fee savings they were getting in that plan?
  • Is there such a thing as fees being too low – are we encouraging bare-bones services to match very low fees?
  • Can there be a tiering of services to match a tiering of fees?
  • Is there a world where participant fees can vary based on services the individual participant chooses e.g., paper, e-delivery, hybrid statements?
  • Do the added fees for managed accounts come with greater returns that more than offset the added fees?
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