2019 Benchmarking Survey

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NAGDCA’s Annual Benchmarking Survey
Revamped for 2019!

Start the Survey

Deadline Extended – Friday, June 21

Have questions before getting started? See the FAQs below, or click here to contact us.

103 Multipart Questions 22 Questions to Capture Your Most Important Data
Manual Data Entry Automatic Data Upload from Your Record Keeper
Separate Login for Each of Your Plans Single Login for All Your Plans
Automatically Generated Passwords You Create a Password You Can Remember



Login Credentials: Use your email address and a password of your choosing.


Multiple Plans: Access the survey for each one of your plans all from one homepage.


Data Upload: Record keepers can enter plan data in an Excel file and upload it directly to the portal to populate the survey. Plan sponsors simply need to review and confirm the data prior to submitting their survey.



Access to the Data Portal: Survey respondents receive free access to the data portal which allows you to compare your plan to your peers on several variables. Easily compare your participation rate, manipulate the data based on age and gender cohorts, explore fees in similar sized plans, and more!


Legislative Advocacy: NAGDCA uses findings from the survey to effectively advocate for improvements to the federal tax code on your behalf. The more plans that complete the survey, the more accurately we can explain what is happening in the government defined contribution industry when we speak to key legislators on Capitol Hill.


How do I log in to access the survey(s) for my plan?

Access to the survey is limited to the individual listed as the primary contact for your NAGDCA membership. (If you do not know who is listed as the primary contact, please click here and search for your entity.) If you need to grant access to a different member of your staff please contact us here.

What are my login credentials?

New for 2019! Log in using your email address and a password of your choosing. As stated above, the system will only recognize the email address of the primary contact for each organization. On your first log in, the system will send a verification email that will contain the link to complete the log in process. (Please check your junk/spam folders if you can not find the email.)

I’m a plan sponsor, what steps do I take to complete the survey?

Detailed instructions are provided in the portal. Basic steps are outlined below:

  1. Click the “Start the Survey” button at the top of this page
  2. Enter your email (if you are the primary contact for your plan)
  3. Check your email and follow the verification link to complete setting up your account (check junk/spam folders)
  4. Create a password and enter your organization information
  5. Read the instructions
  6. Replace the “Default Plan” with the name of your primary plan
  7. Click “Add a Plan” to create a survey form for each additional plan you represent
  8. Click “Continue to Record Keepers” and assign each record keeper to each plan (this generates an email to them)
  9. Notify each assigned record keeper to look for an email from system@industyinsights.com (check junk/spam folders)
  10. Check with your record keeper to make sure you data has been loaded
  11. Back in the survey, click “Import Excel Files” to complete the data upload, and answer the remaining questions
  12. Quality check the form and submit

I’m a record keeper, how do I upload data for the survey?

Each plan sponsor assigns a record keeper to a plan by entering the record keeper’s email address in the survey. When this step is completed by the sponsor, an email is automatically generated and sent to the record keeper. The email contains a secure link specifically for that plan. Once the email is received, complete the following steps:

  1. Click the secure link in the email
  2. Click “Continue” once redirected to the survey site
  3. Download the excel sheet from the site*
  4. Populate the data blocks in the excel sheet
  5. Upload the excel sheet on the same secure page

*Click here to download the Excel sheet to begin compiling data before a plan sponsor adds you to the system.

I’m a record keeper and never received an email to upload data, what happened?

Please note that the automated email providing access to our survey comes from the following address: system@industryinsights.com. Please check your spam folder if you believe you should have received an email, but did not. If you cannot find it, please contact us here and we will help you.

Will other people be able to identify my data?

Absolutely not. Only the plan sponsor will have access to their data through our secure portal once the survey results are compiled. In the portal, plan sponsors will be able to compare their data to their peers based on several different variables. However, if the information is constrained to a point where less than five (5) plans are represented, the portal will show “ISD” for insufficient data. This prevents any possibility of the identification of a single plan.

Industry members purchasing access to the portal will only be able to see aggregated data, and will not be able to constrain parameters to show less than five (5) plans at any point. In fact, NAGDCA also does not have access to individual plan data. All data is handled by our third party analytics firm.