Leadership Award Nominations

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2019 Leadership Award Nominations

Nominations due Thursday, April 18

NAGDCA Awards nominations are now open! We need your help in identifying NAGDCA members who have done incredible work over the past year to create secure retirement futures for their public sector employees. NAGDCA’s Leadership Awards are given in four categories and winners are selected by the Awards Committee who review and score each nomination.

Plans of all sizes are encouraged to submit nominations and asset size will be taken into consideration during the scoring process. Plans may self-nominate or be nominated by their industry partners. The winners are announced at NAGDCA’s Annual Conference, and the awards are presented by the NAGDCA Executive Board President.

Leadership Award Categories

Participant Education
& Communication

Includes: Communication materials used to engage and inform potential and current participants, as well as other interested parties about the importance of retirement savings.

Plan Design
& Administration

Includes: Changes in plan design (e.g., Automatic Enrollment, Roth, customer service, etc.); and administration (e.g., online access to board manuals).

& Social Media

Includes: A technological advancement/enhancement in government processes, an app for smart devices, or a unique way of participating on social media platforms.

National Retirement
Security Week

Includes: A campaign or specific strategy that raised awareness of National Retirement Security Week, increased enrollments/deferrals, and/or generated media coverage.

Nomination Information

Details & Eligibility

  • Nominations are accepted from government members only and governmental staff must have played a significant role in developing the program, project, or activity.
  • NAGDCA welcomes nominations from all public sector defined contribution plan types.
  • Nominations will be judged on originality and measurable results that led to a sound improvement in the plan.
  • Templates or similar submissions from other government entities will not be considered.
  • Duplicate nominations in multiple categories is discouraged. If submitting in multiple categories, please consider customizing the nomination for each category.
  • Prior nominations will not be considered for an award.
  • Plan asset size/plan resources will be taken into consideration during the scoring process.
  • Awards will be limited to up to five winners in each category to ensure that awards are a testament to offering the best retirement savings plans.
  • Winners will be recognized on NAGDCA’s website and in a printed publication distributed at the NAGDCA Annual Conference.


  • April 18 – Award nomination due
  • July – Award recipients notified
  • September 9 – Awards presented to government members and their industry partners at NAGDCA’s Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA.