2020 Executive Board Member-at-Large Election

Voting Closes Friday, August 21

NAGDCA received one nomination for the 2020-2021 member-at-large position. We’re pleased to have such a talented individual interested in serving the NAGDCA membership as a volunteer Executive Board member. Learn more about the candidate below and complete the online voting form to cast your vote.

Although there is only one candidate, we still need to conduct a vote.

Only one vote is allowed from each plan. Duplicate votes will not be considered.

Meet the Candidate

Mo Raihan

Assistant Vice President
NYC Health + Hospital TDA 403B Plan

Assistant Vice President, Employee Benefits, for a company with more than 20 years progressive experience in strategic design and implementation of U.S. and global health and welfare, wellness, retirement, stock purchase, HR policy and ancillary benefit plans. An enthusiastic leader recognized for overcoming challenges and achieving desired results. Outstanding project management skills leading to success in implementing effective benefit strategies aligned with overall Human Resource initiatives.


  • Health & Welfare Plans
  • Wellness Plans
  • Acquisition Integration
  • Employee Benefit Communication
  • Retiree Medical Plans
  • DC and DB Retirement Plans
  • Nonqualified Executive Benefits

How long have you been in your current position and how does it relate to the deferred compensation/defined contribution industry?

I have been in my current role for 5 years managing the tax deferred arrangement 403B plan for NYC Health + Hospital.  I manage the plan from all aspect of it- record keeping, administration, legal and investment.

Prior to joining NYC Health + Hospital, I worked as a consultant at Aon Hewitt, Buck Consultant and  them moved to the corporate site in private company to manage deferred compensation/ contribution plan at Merck & Time Warner Inc.

What leadership positions have you held within the deferred compensation/defined contribution community, as well as with other organizations (professional or volunteer), that have bearing on potential NAGDCA leadership responsibilities?

I have 20 plus years of experience in the defined contribution area as well as in pension managing large corporation DC plan. I have worked as a leader in plan design and strategic changes to DC plan while working with legal counsel and plan record keeper.
Active pension of the Pension & Investments. At my current role, I serve as the head of retirement and SME managing all aspect of retirement plans. I implemented the Financial Wellness program at NYC Health + Hospitals. While working for Merck, I harmonized all DC plan and was the leader in the DB and DC area.

What special skills or training do you possess that would benefit the association?

Financial Wellness Program establishment at corporations, vendor management, project management, making strategic decision to resolve complex matter. Working with employees to understand the concern of retirement plans directly from the plan participants.
Working with data analysis to bring positive changes to participant behavior in retirement savings.
Introducing new innovative tools for easy access to plan participants and member of different organization.

What has been your previous experience with NAGDCA? (First year of participation, specific contributions to association such as newsletter articles, committee service, conference presentations, etc.).

My NAGDCA experience has always been positive. It helps to network with peers which I feel is the key to this association. I have made numerous networks through this association.
I have been part of the NAGDCA reward group in judging the award winner selection process.

Why do you want to be Board Member? What are your goals for NAGDCA and how can your involvement contribute to execution of the strategic plan?

My main reason to be a Board Member is to help all the member of NAGDCA to get information and resolution of day to day issues/matter.

Find a way to make all member be for active in NAGDCA, provide leading legislative and plan updates. NAGDCA service is serve as SME for all member. I would also explore to build an app so its easier for the member to access information and also for communication purpose.

What do you see as the biggest impacts of COVID-19 on plan sponsors/DC plans and how can NAGDCA provide support? 

NAGDCA can help the plan sponser with more information regarding the legislative changes and sharing plan participant behavior. We have notice an increase in plan distribution was not the Relief Act