Kathleen Wilson

Industry Observer

Ms. Wilson has 20 years of strategic marketing, communication and design experience. In her current role, she leads the development, management and measurement of strategic education curriculums for select ICMA-RC state, county, and city clients. In this role, she is responsible for leveraging the current education programs and tactics in place, as well as creating new tactics that connect and inspire public sector employees to save for retirement. Ms. Wilson manages the content development, design, and education management team whose sole focus is developing custom collateral for premier clients. Under Ms. Wilson’s leadership, ICMA-RC clients have received over 30 industry, marketing and international awards for a variety of print and electronic materials.

Before assuming her current position, Ms. Wilson served as the Manager for Marketing Communications Design. In that role, she managed the design team responsible for implementing employer and employee brochures, creative education development, ads, presentations, and flyers.

Prior to joining ICMA-RC in 2004, Ms. Wilson was a Marketing Design Associate on the National Team at Cushman & Wakefield, Inc. and she previously worked for the Government Institute Division, ABS Group, Inc.

Ms. Wilson received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Marketing, from Loyola University in Baltimore, MD.