Joshua Luskin

Joshua Luskin
Indiana Public Retirement Systems


Joshua Luskin is the Director of Plan Administration for the Indiana Public Retirement System (INPRS). With approximately $32 billion in assets under management, INPRS serves the pension and defined contribution needs for roughly 470,000 members and retirees. The Indiana Public Retirement System  represents more than 1,200 employers and 9 plans including public universities, school corporations, municipalities and state agencies. Joshua’s primary focus is  providing oversite and integration of vendor services and processes through interdepartmental coordination on strategic initiatives and the ongoing governance. With a strong focus on satisfying fiduciary and service responsibilities while monitoring for compliance to legal and contractual obligations.

He brings to INPRS extensive experience in banking, investments, financial education, change management and satisfying fiduciary requirements.

A graduate of Sonoma State University, Joshua was raised by educators who encouraged in him a strong desire to make a positive impact in people’s lives. He uses that spirit of service to engage INPRS members in preparing for the best possible retirement