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National Retirement Security Week - October 21-27, 2018

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Data from the Employee Benefit Research Institute indicates that only two-thirds of U.S. workers are saving for retirement. Those workers that are saving for retirement are saving much less than the amount they need to adequately fund their retirement years. Thus, it's important for workers to understand the need to save for retirement, no matter what their age.

In the past, National Retirement Security Week (NRSW) campaigns have been as diverse as the plans that make up NAGDCA's membership. In some cases, industry providers developed campaigns that their plan sponsor clients would implement. In other cases, individual plan sponsors would develop stand-alone campaigns or smaller initiatives that supplemented materials provided by their industry partner. While there have been a number of innovative and truly creative campaigns over the years, NAGDCA is pleased to have a more consistent, unified campaign that plans of any size can implement with their employers and employees.

Goals for National Retirement Security Week:

• Educate workers about the importance/need for saving for retirement.
• Educate workers how saving for retirement is key to financial health and security during retirement years.
• Increase awareness of the various options in saving for retirement.
• For plan sponsors to see an increase in retirement plan participation.

Campaign Timeline:
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April: Contact Your Retirement Plan Service Provider to Discuss NRSW Promotion. April should be used to begin conversations with your Retirement Plan Services Provider to discuss what materials, support and resources they can provide to help support NRSW.

July/August: Begin Strategizing and Discussing Details. July and August should be used to discuss and start to prepare for the upcoming NRSW promotion and activities. While it may seem that there is a lot of time prior to the event, organizing this type of activity is much easier if done in steps and planned out over time.

For August, it is recommended that you continue conversations with your retirement plan services provider to analyze resources and materials and you should consider holding a kick-off meeting. Prior to the kick-off meeting, you will want to review the resources and materials available through NAGDCA.

September: Preparation and Planning.The month of September is the time frame in which you should finalize the project details. This includes:

  • Confirm planned support by elected officials.For example a proclamation declaring October 17-21 as National Retirement Security Week.
  • Organizing and planning the materials you will want to distribute during NRSW. Plan sponsors in the past have incorporated balloons, brochures, stickers, etc. Materials that tie into the activities you have planned are always the most effective. For example, if you will be having a workshop, you could use NRSW pens or pads of paper. Or for a picnic or movie, you could provide popcorn bags with a “Saving For Retirement” message. These types of materials often have a longer production time and therefore should be finalized in early September.
  • Finalize location of the NRSW meetings and activities. You will want to include the location and activities on all communications that are distributed.
  • Order food and giveaways for the event.
  • Schedule planned presenters and any activities that require a reservations.
  • Review and approve communication materials. This includes flyers, e-mails, lunch room table toppers, additional signage, etc. 
  • Identify and prepare for delivery methods. For example, do you want to mail a postcard to participants’ homes? Do you want the mailing to arrive prior to NRSW or at the very beginning? This will determine when you will need materials ready for distribution. Also, don’t forget about mail files, which can take some time to prepare. Or, do you want an interoffice mailer promoting the events occurring?
  • Prepare and receive approval on press releases for distribution during October.  

October: Finalize Details and Program Implementation. During early October, you will want to finalize and confirm any outstanding details for your National Retirement Security Week plans.

The first and second week in October you will want to:

  • Receive materials you want distributed prior to the event through the mail or interoffice. This includes mail files if appropriate.
  • Confirm communications promoting activities during the week are placed in high impact locations.
  • Confirm proclamation has been approved and is ready to be promoted.
  • Prepare press release(s) for distribution.
  • If you would like to receive attendance by a local reporter at one of your activities, you will want to contact and send out a press release to the local press during the second week in October. Follow-up with a phone call.
  • This would also be a good time to determine baselines in order to measure success later. For example, the number of participants, asset allocation, contribution levels, etc.

The third week of October you will want to:

  • Mail out any material you have designed to arrive during NRSW.
  • For notice in the paper about the events occurring, a press release can go out a couple days prior or during NRSW.

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