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2015 NAGDCA Annual Conference Sneak Peak and Early Bird Deadline

The early bird registration deadline for the NAGDCA Annual Conference is next Thursday, August 27. Registration costs will increase by $100 after this date.

Register today - don't miss out on the conference and these exciting speakers!

This year's conference will feature Theresa Ghilarducci, The New School, as the opening keynote and Jodi DiCenzo, Behavioral Research Associates, as the closing speaker.

Theresa Ghilarducci will speak on Fixing the US Retirement System. Independent experts agree this is the first time in US history the majority of working Americans will do worse than their parents and grandparents in retirement. More elderly will work or look for work and pay off more debt than ever before as more retirement assets are skewed toward the very highest income retirees. The top 20% of baby boomers own 72% of all retirement assets. And, nearly half of workers have no plan at work because the system is voluntary. A national solution includes strengthening Social Security and increasing retirement savings with better tax policy and a requirement every worker to save at least 5% into a state or federally-administered retirement account. Because the federal government has not acted, today five states have acted to create retirement accounts for all workers. State DC plans for their government workers stand as a model for a national solution to the retirement crises

Jodi DiCenzo, CFA, CPA, will speak on Behaviorally Based Retirement Programs: What It Means and Why Administrators Should Care. Ms. DiCenzo will eliminate any doubt the application of behavioral decision-making knowledge is essential for cost-effective management of successful, participant-directed retirement programs.  Successful administrators of participant-directed retirement plans must continue to develop competencies in understanding and applying key behavioral research to cost-effectively maximize employees' retirement security.  Attendees will gain solid foundational knowledge of key retirement-related behavioral research - including its practical implications.  Session attendees will also leave knowing where to turn to stay ahead of the behavioral research curve.  


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