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2018 Annual Conference Speaker Interest

2018 Speaker Signups have closed. Please contact Carly Miller, NAGDCA Project Coordinator, for more information. 

Thank you for participating! The purpose of this online form is to obtain your ideas around identifying the plan sponsors, experts and speakers who can best inspire and educate us on the topics that will be included in the 2018 Annual Conference.

The 2018 NAGDCA Annual Conference is focused on Winning Practices & Innovative Applications. We want to explore and learn from those both within and outside of our membership regarding current best practices and how those practices are being applied in innovative ways.

If you have achieved success in those areas, are a knowledgeable expert, or a compelling speaker on the session topics shared below, we encourage you to complete the speaker interest form. If you would like to nominate someone else as a potential speaker, please share their information below.

Thank you for your participation, wisdom, and being part of the NAGDCA community!

2018 Session Descriptions:

Cybersecurity Risk Mitigation - General Session
These days, it’s not a question of ‘’if” but “when” your plan’s security will be breached. Learn best practices for managing cybersecurity risks and responding to a security breach.

Generational Education & Communication - General Session
Why is it beneficial to provide specialized education to different age-cohorts or generations of employees - from Millennials to Gen-X to Boomers? Varying generations of employees may comprehend messaging regarding financial education differently. Education relevant to one group is not always relevant to another. Generations of employees also differ in how they prefer to receive this type of education.

This session will describe the importance of segmenting messaging to different generations of employees, how these employees understand information, and what delivery methods tend to achieve the most outreach success. The session will also provide attendees with innovative targeted outreach and education from fellow government defined contribution plans.

Winning Enrollment Techniques & Challenges - Concurrent Session
Is the size of your eligible and not participating population a concern in your supplemental retirement savings plan? No automatic enrollment feature? Do you have automatic enrollment and are you looking for a technique to jump start saving among the opt-out population or specific employers? Is your enrollment process too complex or time-consuming?

We are all aware of the importance of supplemental savings and the benefits that government defined contribution plans offer employees, but how do we get more employees to take action? What are some enrollment methods that work? This session will:

  • Offer information on the benefits of automatic enrollment as well as the associated challenges.
  • Provide electronic and print enrollment techniques that can simply showcase your plan's benefits and help increase participation.
  • Provide real examples of how other plans are increasing participation with winning enrollment practices and campaigns.

Best Practices & Lessons Learned from Private Sector Defined Contribution Plans - Concurrent Session
Although governmental defined contribution plans are not subject to the rules of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), many such plans use ERISA rules as a best practice in various areas of plan administration, such as selection of investment options, fee disclosures, fiduciary responsibilities, and claims and appeals procedures.

The session will address the areas in which it may be a good idea to utilize ERISA standards as best practices, as well as areas in which following ERISA may not be in your plan's best interest or even may be in conflict with your plan's rules and regulations. In addition, the session will include a brief discussion of the recent lawsuits against ERISA defined contribution plan fiduciaries and how these lawsuits provide important lessons to governmental defined contribution plans.

Success by Design:  Innovation in investment lineups and plan design - Concurrent Session
Investment lineups and plan design are two critical parts of a successful government DC plan program.  These two facets must work together in order to help participants make the right choices and achieve the best possible outcomes. Topics that will be covered include:

  • New approaches to the tiered investment menu
  • Investments that can help address the risks that participants face
  • Plan design innovations and real-world examples of these concepts in action

ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance Investment Criteria​ - Concurrent Session
Today it appears that ESG investing is here to stay and that it will be a focus for many years to come.  The rationale behind ESG investing is not in question, but does it lead to higher expenses or lower returns?  Is it practical to employ an ESG philosophy with your DC investment lineup?  Topics that will be covered include:

  • What is ESG investing?
  • ESG dedicated options vs. a broader ESG integration
  • ESG and passive investment options

Holistic Retirement: Money, Purpose, Health​ - Concurrent Session
There is more to a happy retirement than just the retirement party and leisure activities. We spend decades planning for the day we retire. Participants have thought little about what that retirement will look like post work. There are important decisions to consider around when to travel- early years of retirement vs. later years when health may be failing.  How to find the purpose of our days once our lives are no longer defined by work. How to take care of our mental and physical health. How to make sure money will not run out.

Identifying & Solving for Retirement Income – What to do with that retirement nest egg… ​ - Concurrent Session
Plan sponsors have focused on tools and strategies to help participants build a retirement nest egg and determine how much retirement will cost. While many participants still may not have sufficient assets for retirement, plan participants will need to consider distribution options- due to medical needs, travel, and/or RMD. Participants are looking for help on how and when to spend down that asset, how to coordinate with pension plans, social security, as well as manage taxes. This is a daunting task considering no one wants to outlive their money. This session will focus on innovative tools and solutions you can bring to your participants.


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